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Harbour Place

Harbour Place secure vital funding

Grimsby's Harbour Place scoops a £450k lottery windfall to expand services

FUNDING SECURED:  Harbour Place project director Allen Young.

FUNDING SECURED: Harbour Place project director Allen Young.

AT LEAST 800 of the most vulnerable, socially-excluded people in our community will be helped thanks to a grant of more than £450,000.

The Big Lottery Fund has awarded the money to Harbour Place, Grimsby, one of nine across the wider region today sharing £2.8 million in good cause cash.

The grant will be used by Harbour Place to expand existing services to support more people who experience homelessness and other issues.

It provides users with basic needs, such as food, water, warmth and hygiene, and offers further support with poor physical and mental health, substance and alcohol misuse, unemployment, social isolation, poverty, and reoffending.

The money will also be used to provide more training, and support for employment and volunteering – all aiming to make a dramatic difference to needy people's lives.

Project director Allen Young said: "Homelessness is a perpetual cycle that is a result of many other social and economic factors such as relationship breakdown, social isolation, poor skills, substance misuse and offending.

"This project is able to break the cycle of homelessness by offering alternative positive activities and pathways for individuals to fundamentally change their lives.

"Each service user will have their own personal problems, barriers to readiness for lifestyle changes.

"Some beneficiaries become regular service users while others can be helped to get back on their feet very quickly.

"For some people, homelessness is a lifestyle choice and they are not ready to change this, so this project helps those individuals to stay safe, healthy and supported until they want to take the next step."

The Harbour Place team, based at a day centre in Albert Street West, also plan to use the grant – £477,949 in total – to provide access to mental and physical health screening, practical and emotional support, advice on housing, debt and managing money.

Mr Young said the award will help provide support for at least 800 people. He added: "Without the day centre, several clients stated, during a consultation, 'that they would most definitely be dead.'

"This goes to show the funding and the work of the project is saving lives."


CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau)

The CAB has regular benefit advice surgeries, at Harbour Place Day Centre in Albert Street West, off Freeman street, on Thursday mornings from 10 -12. 

The surgery is open to anyone but we would advise that you ring Harbour Place first to check availability of appointments.

Telephone number is 344118.


Drinking and drug taking on Freeman Street

Drinking and drug-taking on Freeman Street 'a problem' for fed-up traders

DRINKING, drug-taking, sex workers and daylight robbery ... is this making the Freeman Street area a no-go zone?

Fed-up traders, who say their customers feel intimidated and are being deterred from using shops and businesses down there, have called for a ban on drinking in public places around there

 Others are angry that the investment in regenerating Freeman Street is a fraction of the amount being spent in Top Town.

Some have been filmed taking and selling drugs in public. One woman was seen burning a substance with a child next to her.

 Traders were also concerned when a man was robbed outside the Post Office cash point in August and suffered head injuries

As well as a ban on drinking in public, they want to see a curb on the sale of cheap booze from stores down there.

They say groups of drinkers hanging around street corners and outside shops selling alcohol is commonplace, and while not apportioning blame, said they felt charities such as Harbour Place could do more to curb the antisocial behaviour of its clients.

One businessman said: "We are not getting at Harbour Place. It is their clientele. It is a magnet. There was a fight last month and they locked them out.

"Most days you have about 10 to 20 people sitting across the road drinking from beer cans. When you are trying to regenerate the area and then look at the reality, it is a defeat before you have even started.

"These centres do a wonderful job. If it was policed correctly and they asked the clients to move on it would help. But no one seems to take responsibility."

 Harbour Place project co-ordinator Dave Carlile said for every ten people standing outside the charity premises there are more than 50 per day who get the support they need and a meal.

He said: "I agree with the traders, it is a massive problem. I disagree with them when they say we are not interested. We tell traders that if there is a problem they should ring the police.


You too can help out

Volunteer determined to help others who are homeles

THIS single father-of-two is determined to give something back to his community.

Tony Cadwallader is a volunteer at Harbour Place, in Grimsby, which offers support for the homeless and other socially excluded groups.

  1. Helping out: Tony Cadwallader is a  Street Outreach worker for Harbour Place day centre.

    Helping out: Tony Cadwallader is a Street Outreach worker for Harbour Place day centre.

He said: "In 2007, I was taking a health and social care course and wanted to get some first-hand experience working with people in the community.

"A friend recommended Harbour Place, which at the time had been open for 11 years. Having experienced homelessness myself, I wanted to help others who were in a similar situation and Harbour Place seemed like the ideal place to visit


Have you heard about the Credit Union

Did you know Harbour Place Day Centre is a base for the North East Lincolnshire Credit Union.

A credit union is a cooperative financial institution that is owned and controlled by its members. Credit unions differ from banks and other financial institutions in that the members who have accounts in the credit union are the owners of the credit union.

Ther Credit Union is a great way to save money and after a period of time you can borrow up to double the amount you have saved (conditions apply). START SAVING NOW FOR HOLIDAYS & CHRISTMAS.

For more details on how you join the Credit Union and how it can benefit you, contact Dave Carlile at Harbour Place Day Centre or ring them on 344118.  Alternatevely ring the main office of the Credit Union at St. James House St. James Square, GRIMSBY, South Humberside DN31 1EP on 01472 361990

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