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Are you claiming the correct benefit entitlement?

How to make sure you claim all the benefits you’re entitled to

Some benefits are one-off payments to help with a particular set of circumstances like cold weather, while others, like Income Support, top up your regular income. A careful check can make sure you’re getting everything you should.

Follow the link below for an overview of what’s available and to link to more information.


What are your Shopper's Rights?

The savvy shopper’s guide to gift returns      

After Christmas many consumers will think about returning gifts, but many are unaware of and confused by their rights. Dealing with the hassle of broken or unwanted gifts, unexpected credit card fees and confusing fine print leaves many lacking holiday cheer.

’Now more than ever, consumers have a wide range of buying options,’ said TSI chief executive Leon Livermore. ‘They can buy items in the store, online, or by using a voucher. While we warn consumers to know their rights before making a purchase, it’s equally important for them to understand their rights before making a return or exchange.

’The answers to these questions will help prepare consumers planning to make returns and exchanges after the holidays.’


Residents advised to seek help to keep homes warm this winter

WITH energy prices on the up and the Office for National Statistics reporting an increase in the number of winter deaths, North East Lincolnshire Council is reminding people they should seek help instead of suffering in the cold.

The authority has many ways to help people keep their homes warm as temperatures start to fall this winter.

Councillor Ray Oxby, portfolio holder for housing and environment, said anyone who will struggle to keep their home warm this winter should not hesitate to call NELC's energy advice team on 01472 324782 to find out what help is available.

"There are also other ways for all households to cut their home energy bills," he said.

"It's always worth shopping around and regularly reviewing your supplier to check you're not paying too much for your gas and electricity.

"An easy way to find out is to call your energy supplier and ask them which tariff you're on.

"They have a legal obligation to tell you if they have a cheaper tariff you could switch to.

"Nobody should be suffering in a cold, poorly heated home."

If you own your home or rent from a private landlord and if you receive certain benefits, including Pension Credit, then you might be eligible for grants that cover the cost or go towards having a boiler repaired or replaced and fitting loft or cavity wall insulation.

The assistance offered is part of the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme where the big six energy suppliers are obliged to provide heating and insulation improvements for those people who meet the eligibility criteria.

To be eligible for energy-saving improvements to your own home you must own property or rent it privately, have the owner's permission to do the work and also receive one of the following benefits:


Do you use Facebook and or Twitter?

Key messages at your fingertips

East Yorkshire’s recent tidal surge saw a dramatic increase in people using Humberside Fire and Rescue Service’s social media output to help keep themselves safe. More than 107,000 people viewed updates on the service’s Facebook page as conditions deteriorated with the number of ‘Likes’ or people subscribing to the page trebling to almost 5,000 in the same 24 hours.

During the same period, 1,000 more people became Twitter followers. Now the service is aiming to capitalise on that interest by encouraging more people to sign up – with the reminder that becoming a follower is as easy as pressing a button.

Humberside Fire and Rescue Service encourages householders to spend a few seconds pressing the test button on their smoke alarms each week. Now senior officers are suggesting householders spend a few seconds pressing another button – on their computer or smartphone, to follow the service on social media. That gives access to real-time information which could help gain precious time in emergency conditions – as well as the service’s regular safety advice.


Unlocking our history

The Butcher, the Baker, the Grocer and Draper

The Star Tea Company, Grimsby

Shopping is an important part of all our lives. For hundreds of years the shop has been the place where we buy our basics and luxuries.

Most of us visit some kind of shop every day. We might go shopping alone or with our family and friends. Some of us like to visit our local high street or shopping centre while others prefer to shop online.

To celebrate this, the latest in the Unlocking the Collection series of exhibitions at the Fishing Heritage Centre focuses on shops and shopping over the last 150 years.

In that time shopping has changed from old fashioned Victorian shops to modern day supermarkets and shopping centres. The exhibition looks at local shops, but these changes can be found in towns and cities almost everywhere. Some of our traditional shops may still survive today. However, modern shopping is very different to shopping in the past.

From Penny Bazaars to the modern supermarket, tea being sold by the spoonful to mass produced Dinky toys, theres something for everyone to enjoy.

Part of the outreach work for this exhibition includes two free drop-in childrens workshops: from 10am to 4pm on 14 and 21 December.


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