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Financial Support for tenants

Innovative Credit Union partnership helps residents take control

A new financial service providing an innovative range of products to tenants across North East Lincolnshire has been launched through a new partnership between Shoreline Housing Partnership and Leeds City Credit Union.

Providing straightforward, affordable financial services including bill paying, budgeting and saving accounts as well as low cost loans with fairer rates of interest, the dedicated service will help Shoreline tenants manage their money.

The range of financial products are aimed at those who would otherwise find themselves excluded, providing a professional and accessible alternative to high street banks.

Shoreline chief executive Tony Bramley said: “Welfare reform and the current economic climate are having an impact on many local people. We’re looking forward to working with Leeds City Credit Union to alleviate some of the problems experienced by our tenants in accessing legitimate, low cost financial services.

“Tenants will be able to take better control and management of their money, be it budgeting, paying bills, saving or accessing low cost loans.


History at your fingertips

1.5 million pages of war diaries go online      

Diary of Gallipoli: entry for 25th April 1915.

The National Archives has today made thousands of digitised First World War unit war diaries from France and Flanders available online. They have digitised around 1.5 million pages of war diaries so far, and will be releasing them throughout the year.

This first batch of unit war diaries reveals the real-time account of the first three cavalry and the first seven infantry divisions who were part of the first wave of British army troops deployed in France and Flanders, with just over 300,000 pages in total.

Other entries record the experiences of the 4th Dragoon Guards who fought in the Battle of Mons, the first major action of the war for the British Expeditionary Force in August 1914.

There are also diaries from soldiers of the 5th Royal Irish Lancers who saw action continuously between 1914 and 1918 and includes the last British soldier to die in the conflict, Private George Edwin Ellison – who was killed in action on 11 November 1918.

To get the manuscripts online, some 25 volunteers scanned hundreds of boxes of diaries, between January and December last year.


Pupils encourage recycling

St Mary’s Catholic Primary Academy: Recycling Posters

Posted January 4, 2014

Owen's poster

The children from St Mary’s Catholic Primary Academy are encouraging local residents of North East Lincolnshire to take care of the local environment and do more to recycle household products – they have submitted posters ideas to highlight recycling to North East Lincolnshire Council.

The Councils two favourite were sent in by Owen and Katy.


Concerns about Freeman Street Paving

Claims coloured block paving in Grimsby could affect people with epilepsy and other conditions

CRAZY PAVING? From migraines to falls, the new block paving on Freeman Street, installed as part of the regeneration of the area, is causing concern to some groups and residents. Picture: Rick Byrne

CRAZY PAVING? From migraines to falls, the new block paving on Freeman Street, installed as part of the regeneration of the area, is causing concern to some groups and residents. Picture: Rick Byrne

THE leader of North East Lincolnshire Council has denied claims the controversial block paving in Grimsby’s town centre and Freeman Street could prove hazardous to health.

A spokesman for North East Lincolnshire Falls Collaborative said the group had “real areas of concern” about the potential risks to the disabled and those with dementia and other conditions.

Hope collaborative facilitator Sylvia Leary has revealed she has received reports from carers of those with dementia that many sufferers perceive the black blocks among other coloured bricks as holes, which they then try to avoid, risking injury in the process.

She also said a risk assessment she had carried out in the area had revealed a lack of drop-kerbs, making the area difficult to navigate for the disabled.

Epilepsy sufferer Councillor Steve Beasant  added the pattern could also trigger epileptic fits for those with photosensitive epilepsy – a fact he had pointed out to NELC before the blocks were laid.

However, NELC leader Chris Shaw has denied there is an issue, adding the council had contacted the Epilepsy Society for advice before going ahead with the scheme.

As reported, the concerns are the latest in a long line of complaints about the blocks, which have already come under fire from businesses, residents and taxi drivers – many of whom have branded it a “waste of money”.

Now, the worries over health issues has led to calls for the council to take action to avoid anyone being seriously injured.

Mrs Leary said she was “disappointed” NELC had not consulted the Falls Collaborative before laying the new multi-coloured paving – especially as it had previously regularly sought advice from the group on highways issues.

She said: “NELC is probably doing it to make Freeman Street look prettier – and it is a big improvement there – but there are some areas which are quite disappointing. There are lessons to be learned from this.”


New campaign to highlight heathier eating options

Swap while you shop: new campaign launched to get families making healthy swaps in January

Change4Life’s Smart Swaps TV advertising will focus on swapping sugary drinks to diet, sugar free options or low fat milk, as it’s revealed that by doing so, an average family could save up to three quarters of a 1kg bag of sugar over 4 weeks.

While milk and dairy products are great sources of protein and calcium, families looking to make healthier choices could also swap whole milk for semi-skimmed milk, potentially saving up to a third of a pint of fat over 4 weeks.

The campaign comes as new data shows the vast majority of parents of children 18 and under (76%) are concerned about the amount of sugar their children consume and over two thirds (68%) are concerned about the amount of fat in their children’s diets.


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