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First World War Exhibition

The impact the First World War had on the people of Grimsby and the surrounding areas is highlighted in a new exhibition at the town’s Fishing Heritage Centre titled Eleven, Eleven, Eleven

The exhibition pays particular attention to the contribution made by local trawlermen who undertook the dangerous task of minesweeping the coast during the War.
The exhibition runs until Sunday, January 4. It is free to view.

Councillor Burnett, portfolio holder for culture and tourism, said: “This exhibition pays tribute to a group of men whose important work during the First World War is often overlooked. These men crewed the trawlers during the war and I’m delighted that we are able to pay particular attention to the important role they played.

“Altogether a total of about 14,000 men went to war from Grimsby and the local area. Opening to the public on Remembrance Day, Eleven, Eleven, Eleven also draws attention to the local businesses who contributed to the war effort by supplying articles for hospitals, shells and even jam to the British army!

“Using items, documents and material from our museum collection, it’s a moving and thought provoking exhibition.”

Eleven, Eleven, Eleven is the fifteenth and last in the ‘Unlocking the Collection’ series of Heritage Lottery funded exhibitions. A £50,000 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund has enabled North East Lincolnshire Council’s museum collection to be showcased in a series of themed exhibitions at the Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre over a period of four years. All have been accompanied by activities and workshops to uncover the history behind the items on show.

Eleven, Eleven, Eleven will be accompanied by a full programme of linked events including a guided tour of the exhibition, talks and family activities. For further information call Rachel McWilliam on (01472) 323004 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Download free app for electrical fire safety

In support of Electrical Fire Safety Week (10 - 16 Nov) Humberside Fire and Rescue Service is urging residents to make basic electrical checks in their home to ensure the safety of their household. 
Around 70 people die and 350,000 are seriously injured in the UK each year each year due to electrical related incidents. These incidents could easily be avoided by making simple checks, for little or no cost, to identify and rectify possible dangers.
The Electrical Safety First have developed a handy App to help people stay safer from electrical fires.
Emma Apter from Electrical Safety First, said:
“Our free App helps anyone to do a quick visual check on their home by highlighting the potential dangers in each room and explaining how to resolve basic problems in simple, non-technical language. It will also flag more serious issues, for which you should use a registered electrician.
It is available for iPhone and Android phones – just go to the App Store or Android Market, search for ‘Home Electrical Safety Check’ and follow the instructions to download”
Allen Cunningham Community Safety Manager at Humberside Fire and Rescue, said: "In the last twelve months, Humberside Fire and Rescue Service has attended 302 electrical related fires. Turning off and unplugging appliances when they are not in use is one way to reduce the risk of fire in the home, especially before going to bed. It’s important to check appliances are in good working order, if anyone is doubt about how safe their appliances are, I would recommend getting them checked by an appropriately qualified person.
The most common cause of electrical fires in the Humberside area involve electric ovens. Incidents range from cooking being left unattended to tea towels left too close to the hob and igniting.


Important notice for Gardeners

Garden waste collection suspended over winter months in N E Lincs

The collection of garden waste bins across North East Lincolnshire will stop after November 28, as winter sets in.

The amount of garden waste generated by residents falls considerably over the winter months, so as in previous years, the collections will be suspended until week beginning Monday, March 2, 2015.

While the service is suspended, garden waste can be taken to the Community Recycling Centres at Queens Road Immingham and Estuary Way in Grimsby.

Both sites are open every day from 8am to 6pm, except Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve when they close early at 4pm and Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day when they are closed all day.

For dates of when your garden waste collections will finish and resume visit the online collection calendar at www.nelincs.gov.uk/resident/recycling-rubbish-waste/next-collection.


Check on your neighbour this winter

Every winter Humberside Fire and Rescue Service (HFRS) promote its ‘Check on your neighbour’ campaign. The campaign asks residents to take ten minutes out of their day to check on an elderly neighbour or relative and carry out a few simple checks to help reduce risks of fire in their home, particularly in the winter when the risk of fire can increase. 

Through insight work, HFRS established the profile of people who were most at risk from having a fire in their home. Those people most at risk tended to be elderly people who lived alone, often smokers or on medication and with some type of physical or mental impairment.

Allen Cunningham, Community Safety Manager for Humberside Fire and Rescue Service, said: “Winter can be a difficult time for elderly residents as the cold weather sets in and keeping warm becomes a priority. Fire risk in the home can increase due to people smoking indoors to stay out of the cold and using open fires and electric or gas heaters become more frequent. “There are quick checks people could carry out when visiting an elderly neighbour or relative that really could make a difference to someone’s safety this winter and I urge people to get involved.”How you could help:

1. Offer to check your neighbours smoke alarm is working – Push the button and make sure the alarm sounds.

2. If your neighbour smokes remind them to never smoke in bed or when tired, to always ensure cigarettes are fully extinguished in a proper ash tray.

3. Remind your neighbour never to leave cooking unattended and ensure the cooker is turned off before leaving the house or going to bed. Having a timer is a good reminder to turn the cooker off once finished cooking.

4. If they use a portable heater, remind your neighbour not to sit too close as fabric can catch fire. Advise them to not to leave heaters turned on overnight. If they use an open fire, ensure they use a fire guard.

Allen continued: “Obviously, it is important to remind people to remain vigilant and only open the door to people you know and trust. It doesn't need to take long, but just a quick regular visit can help to ensure our elderly neighbours and relatives are safe this winter.”If you have concerns about a neighbour or relative and to find out if they are eligible for a free home safety visit, please call 0300 303 8242Visit www.humbersidefire.gov.uk Follow us on Twitter @humbersidefireLike us on Facebook www.facebook.com/humbersidefireandrescue


Last Orders in the East Marsh

 Last orders called on alcohol related anti-social behaviour in parts of N E Lincs

Seven of North East Lincolnshire Council’s wards are to become controlled drinking zones.

Members of the authority’s cabinet have today (Wednesday, October 29) approved recommendations that West Marsh, East Marsh, Park, Heneage, Sidney Sussex, Croft Baker and South are made these zones to reduce the potential harm caused by alcohol and alcohol-related antisocial behaviour in public places.

Over a twelve week period earlier this year, residents, licensees, business and community representatives were asked for their views on giving the police and nominated council officers the power to control the consumption of alcohol across North East Lincolnshire.

The survey enabled respondents to tell the council their concerns, the places where alcohol related anti-social behaviour is an issue and how often the problem occurs. The decision to launch the consultation followed concerns expressed by elected members around the prevalence and visibility of people drinking alcohol in public places in the borough.

  • New legislation introduced in October 2014 by virtue of the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime & Policing Act 2014, replaces DPPO legislation contained within the Criminal Justice & Police Act 2001 with the PSPO.

A copy of the full cabinet report containing the consultation results can be viewed here


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